• 23April

    Nutrition During Lockdown

    With the lockdown and people being forced to stay inside, many of you are worried about piling on the pounds. However, if you take a step back and look at the factors that you can control, there is still a hell of a lot that you can do which will help you to reach your goals.

    You still have control over maintaining an optimal level of activity. This can be in the form of home workouts or going for a walk or a run, staying within 2km of your home of course. You still have control over your sleep routine and also over your nutrition.  Below we will discuss a few things for you to take into consideration during this pandemic.

    Health should always be a priority whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building or sports performance. However, given the COVID-19 pandemic at present, remaining healthy is even more paramount these days.

    Top tips to help you stay on track:

    • Keep on top of your fruit and veg intake. These will provide a variety of essential vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, whilst also aiding digestion and helping to control your appetite.
    • Limit bringing junk food into the house. The more junk food around the house the more you will be inclined to eat it. Nobody ever bought a pack of biscuits to use as an ornament did they?
    • If you are worried about gaining weight simply track your steps and your calories for a week. Then compare to previous data. If you find your steps and training are less than previously simply pull back 100 calories to start. Also evaluate over the coming weeks. No need to slash calories recklessly.
    • On the other hand, if you want to get shredded during lockdown don’t force aggressive dieting. Prolonged, severe calorie restriction along with extreme, low levels of body fat will negatively impact your immune system which is not what you want at this time.
    • Ensure you are eating sufficient amounts of protein. A good rule of thumb is 1.6 – 2.5g per kg body weight, with feedings across the day coming from meats, fish, eggs, dairy, whey protein or plant based protein. Along with being an essential macronutrient for the body, this will also help control your appetite.

    Working towards your body composition goals can undoubtedly still be done at this time but it’s a case of being a bit more conscious of your approach.

    By Paul O’Sullivan of Bespoke Nutrition