Chaos Crew Pump The Chaos Extreme Preworkout

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As well as looking like a beast, a pump is essential in order to grow as it first tears the muscles down by expanding them and at the same time also helps in repairing by taking nutrients through blood.

325g – 25 Servings


Chaos Crew Pump The Chaos Extreme Preworkout

Chaos Crew Pump The Chaos has now evolved into Pump The Chaos Extreme. We have taken the majority of ingredients from the original V1 formula that we no everyone loves and increased them. We have doubled the amount of citrulline and the S7 you get per serving, taking them from 3g and 50mg to 6g and 100mg, respectively, as well as increased Vaso6 20% from 300mg to 360mg. Bitter melon is a new addition. Now included as it can enhance your muscle’s glycogen stores and uptake of water to give a fuller pump via a different mechanism.

By increasing nitric oxide production and hyper hydrating the muscle your body enters a state of increased cellular volumnization of the muscle cell. This increase in cellular volumnization coupled with increased blood flow creates skin-tearing muscle pumps and vascularity that will catch anyone’s eyes.

As well as looking like a beast a pump is essential in order to grow as it first tears the muscles down by expanding them and at the same time also helps in repairing by taking nutrients through blood.
Chaos Crew Pump The Chaos Extreme HIGHLIGHTS

6000mg Pure L Citrulline

Helps reduce fatigue and maintain power. In particular, it helps your body to metabolise protein and nitrogen which relaxes blood vessels and promotes circulation. This results in an increase in Nitric Oxide production, reducing fatigue and preserving strength and power output during exercise.

2000mg Taurine

Amino acid that serves many functions. Shown to help endurance athletes and can also volumize muscle size by drawing more fluid into the muscle cells.

500mg Vitamin C

Enhances levels of nitric oxide by increasing its bioavailability and maximising its absorption in the body. Research shows that it may also bump up levels of nitric oxide synthase, the enzyme needed for the production of nitric oxide.

500mg  Bitter Melon Extract

Common ingredient in glucose disposal supplements because of its powerful mechanism to shuttle carbs to your muscles.  But shuttling carbs into your muscles can also create a massive Glycogen pump and why we have included it in the formula.

360mg VASO6

Patented ingredient that has been clinically studied and proven to increase vasodilation by 50%. It has also been shown to be far more effective than a 7g dose of arginine in increasing vasodilation of blood vessels due to an increase of nitric oxide production. This in turn offers multiple performance benefits in the gym such as improved muscular pumps, a better environment in the muscle for both enhancing performance and recovery, as well as enhancing ATP production and nutrient delivery during exercise.

100mg S7

Blend of seven plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels. Increases by up to 230% over baseline. With a small, 100-mg dose, S7 helps the body boost its own nitric oxide production. As opposed to supplying the body with exogenous dietary nitrates.

50mg Astragin

Helps improve your body’s ability to absorb key amino acids, proteins and glucose. In other words, Astragin ensures you’re getting maximum benefit from every scoop!

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