Healthspan Elite All Blacks Ultimate Whey Protein Blend


  • Available in three classic flavours: chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla
  • Delivers 24g protein and 5.7g naturally occurring BCAAs
  • Actazin® digestive enzymes
  • Fully recyclable pouch to reduce plastic waste
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Contains 750g


Healthspan Elite All Blacks Ultimate Whey Protein Blend

Elite All Blacks Ultimate Whey Protein Blend

The ultimate foundation for any fitness programme, regardless of your level, to help build and maintain muscle.*

Ultimate Whey Protein contains a quality blend of whey concentrate and isolate proteins with a naturally occurring amino acid complex. Each serving provides a high level of protein (24g) and 5.7g BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Actazin has also been included, a protease enzyme sourced from New Zealand kiwi fruit which breaks down protein into smaller peptides for better absorption in the body.

Even better, this great tasting protein blend has a luxurious natural chocolate flavour and is easy to mix. It’s also low in sugar, and contains no unnecessary ingredients or artificial sweeteners (we use a natural sweetener in Stevia).

Developed with the All Blacks

With 25 years’ experience in nutrition, many leading athletes trust Healthspan Elite for their supplement needs – and what works for them, can work for you too. We’ve partnered up with the All Blacks, taking advice from their nutritionist and the players themselves to deliver a winning range of proteins and supplements, made with the finest ingredients to help you stay healthy and perform to your best.

Clean, lean, green

It was important for us and the All Blacks to launch a range that shared our mutual values. This led to the ‘clean, lean, green’ ethos: Ultimate Whey Protein is fully lab-tested, contains natural flavours and no unnecessary ingredients (Clean), with a science-backed formulation low in sugar to help you achieve your goals (Lean), and uses New Zealand based ingredients within recyclable packaging (Green).

A range you can trust

Undergone rigorous testing by LGC’s world-class sports anti-doping laboratory, Sport and Specialised Analytical Services. Tested for a wide range of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Providing the highest levels of assurance possible for athletes.


Information table

Actives Quantity per 100g Quantity per 34.9 g serving
Energy 1572 kJ 578 kJ
369 kcal 138 kcal
Fat 4.5 g 1.7 g
of which Saturates 3.1 g 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 15 g 5.7 g
of which Sugars 3.4 g 1.3 g
Fibre 1.5 g 0.6 g
Protein 65 g 24 g
Salt 0.7 g 0.25 g
Sodium 266 mg 100 mg
Actazin Kiwi Fruit Powder 300 mg
providing Actinidin Enzyme 7500 AU
AU = Actinidin Units
Actives Quantity per 100g Quantity per 34.9 g serving
Alanine 3.12 g 1.17 g
Arginine 1.70 g 0.64 g
Aspartic Acid 7.40 g 2.78 g
Cysteine 1.75 g 0.66 g
Glutamic Acid 10.71 g 4.01 g
Glycine 1.22 g 0.46 g
Histidine 0.95 g 0.36 g
Isoleucine* 4.29 g 1.61 g
Leucine* 6.75 g 2.53 g
Lysine 5.44 g 2.04 g
Methionine 1.28 g 0.48 g
Phenylalanine 2.14 g 0.80 g
Proline 3.69 g 1.38 g
Serine 2.53 g 0.95 g
Threonine 4.02 g 1.51 g
Tryptophan 1.19 g 0.45 g
Tyrosine 1.75 g 0.66 g
Valine* 4.08 g 1.53 g
* = BCAA 15.12 g 5.67 g


Ingredients and potential allergens

Whey Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate [Milk], Whey Protein Isolate [Milk], Sunflower Lecithin), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (8%), Thickener: Pregelatinised Corn Starch, Natural Flavouring, Actazin® Kiwi Fruit Prep. (Standardised Green Kiwi Fruit Powder, Ground Rice Hulls), Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides, Sodium Chloride.Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold. Manufactured in a facility that also handles ingredients containing gluten.

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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla


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