Naughty Boy Illmatic Intra Carb EAA


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  • Increase performance
  • Promote muscle growth
  • Maximise recovery
  • Improve vascularity and blood flow
  • Increase focus
  • Can be used as a pre, intra or post workout

Coconut and Pineapple flavour

1KG – 20 Servings

Out of stock

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Naughty Boy Illmatic Intra Carb EAA

NAUGHTY BOY ILLMATIC INTRA CARB EAA – powered by CreapureWatt’s UPCluster DextrinSenactivPalitinose and AstraGin.

An advanced formula designed to increase performance, promote muscle growth, maximise recovery, improve vascularity and blood flow, increase focus and an elevation in mood.

Can be used PRE, INTRA or POST workout supplement to boost performance. For best results drink the entire serving before the end of your workout.

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