Naughty Boy Illmatic Intra


Powered by Velositol®Creatine MagnaPower®, Senactiv® and AstraGin®.

Advanced intra workout formula designed to promote muscle growth, increase strength and maximise recovery.

420g tub

Ice Blast flavour

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Naughty Boy Illmatic Intra

Naughty Boy ILLMATIC Intra – powered by Velositol®Creatine MagnaPower®, Senactiv® and AstraGin®. An advanced intra workout formula designed to promote muscle growth, increase strength and maximise recovery.

Also Velositol® + 6 grams Whey = 20g Alone

Research has found that if you add a two gram dose of Velositol® Into six grams of whey protein it can lead to a 48% increase in muscle protein synthesis from baseline compared to a 24% increase with only six grams of protein.

Active Ingredients

Leucine 5000mg

Powerful anabolic trigger, its the most potent branched chain amino acid and a key activator of the mTOR pathway that is critical for MPS that promotes muscle growth. A university in Canada showed that consuming lower levels of protein (6.25g) as in Illmatic® Intra adding this with leucine caused the same rate of MPS as consuming 25 grams of protein.

Phosphatidic Acid 750mg

PA effectively turns on muscle protein synthesis in response to resistance exercise. PA has been proven in human studies to increase lean body mass, increase strength and potentially increase fat loss.

Ornithine HCL 2000mg

Amino acid that is part of the urea cycle and helps dispose of ammonia via urea. Ornithine is able to decrease ammonia concentrations in the blood, it is effective at enhancing endurance performance especially as the duration of exercise increases.

Creatine MagnaPower® 1500mg

MagnaPower increases muscle mass and strength at a fast rate by providing your muscle cells with larger amounts of ATP. The magnesium in MagnaPower acts as a buffer to lactamation and allows for more Creatine to be available in the muscle cell. Study’s suggest that ergogenic activity maybe enhanced with magnesium and Creatine are chelated together.

Epicatechin 250mg

Added to increase muscle growth, improve insulin sensitivity and increase nitric oxide production. Thus improving vascularity, blood flow, and endurance.

Senactiv® 50mg

A blend of Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburghii was developed over 10 years of robust research. Shown to improve energy production, recovery and endurance. And if your still not impressed Senactiv® helps to improve cellular renewal and regeneration.

Astragin® 50mg

Astragin® Works to enhance bioavailability and drastically increase the absorption of Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Also promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning. Ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.

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