Optimum Nutrition Fruit & Nut Protein Bar

From 2.50

  • 20 g of protein per bar
  • The traditional fruit & nut bar reinvented
  • High in fibre and contains only naturally occurring sugars


Optimum Nutrition Fruit & Nut Protein Bar

Love fruit & nut chocolate bars but don’t want to compromise your focused lifestyle? Then don’t worry – Optimum Nutrition has the answer! The new Optimum Nutrition Fruit & Nut Protein Crisp bar is not only full of fruit and nuts, but is packed with 20g of protein to help build and maintain muscle. On top of that, the great-tasting, unique crisp texture is also high in fibre and only contains naturally occurring sugars. This new take on the traditional fruit & nut bar is perfect for an on-the-go high protein snack or just grab one after exercise to support your nutrition and training goals.

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1 Bar, 10 Bars


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