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DIM-MAX is double strength with added Actamide. Actamide makes the DIM more bio-available so your body can absorb more.  GAME CHANGER!!!

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PPNI DIM MAX Diindolymethane

PPNI DIM MAX Diindolymethane is the first of their own “MAX” range of select supplements. Designed with higher potency active ingredients.

Diindolymethane is derived from cruciferous vegetables and aids in the reduction of harmful oestrogen metabolites. DIM has positive effects on oestrogen metabolism and is able to keep the body in a state of oestrogen balance by preventing either increases or decreases in oestrogen. DIM can inhibit the aromatase enzyme, preventing the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen (In particular, aromatase is responsible for the aromatisation of androgens into oestrogens) and acts upon the undesirable forms of oestrogen and convert them into less potentially harmful forms. This conversion reduces the overall effects of oestrogen and oestrogen dominance in the body.

Typical oestrogen dominance symptoms include:

Men: Prostrate issues, weight gain, low libido/erectile dysfunction, water retention, Gynecomastia (‘man boobs’), impotency, reduced muscle development

Women: Fibrocystic breasts, water retention (possibly specific to the legs/ankles), mood swings, irritability, insomnia, irregular periods, low thyroid symptoms.

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