Project AD BullDoze Sleep Formula


A powerful sleep formula designed to maximise recovery while simultaneously reducing anxiety and promoting restfulness.

30 Servings

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Project AD BullDoze – Dream Big…

BULLDOZE is a dual-attack supplement for hard training athletes. Everybody knows that training hard and eating right are essential to developing impressive new muscle mass and performing at your absolute peak. But there’s one area that is often neglected. SLEEP. Skip just a few hours of sleep and you will see your hard earned gains grind to a halt. Forget about peak physical performance – even mild sleep deprivation is linked to poor mood, lack of concentration and motivation, depression, reduced libido, anxiety and poor nutritional choices. We designed BULLDOZE to not only help you achieve a deep and restful sleep but also to boost recovery hormones that come along with proper sleep – especially growth hormone.

  • BullDoze is the most potent, non-addictive sleep inducer on the market. It contains only the purest extracts in the correct dosages for athletes. BullDoze fulfils the promise that any deep sleep product should: improved REM sleep; deep restfulness; lowered social anxiety; increased libido; and maximum physique and performance capabilities.
  • Providing much more than just a wonderful sleep, users of BullDoze can expect to feel a substantial increase in libido (sex drive), enhanced Growth Hormone levels and also a profound improvement in recovery from training, making it optimal for athletes of all sports.
  • In addition to feeling fantastic, with each dosage of BullDoze consumers can expect to see noticeable physical differences. The improvement of sleep and Growth Hormone levels shows a significant correlation with less stubborn bodyfat (specifically around the stomach region). Combined with the increase in performance and hormonal levels, BullDoze should be looked upon as a multifaceted weapon in the war on health and performance, and users can expect to reap the rewards of both essential sides of the spectrum.


Get Ready for a BULL DOZE.

BULL DOZE is specifically designed to be a non-addictive, non-artificial means of improving restfulness, boosting deep, restful sleep and maximizing essential hormone production. With BULL DOZE you will prime the body’s natural sleep inducing biorhythms and prepare your body to fall asleep naturally and sleep deeply once this is achieved. You will wake up feeling refreshed and full of vitality, not the groggy, hungover feeling that many prescription pills can induce.

Our male and female testers for BULL DOZE report an increased ability to fall asleep naturally. They have indicated feelings of refreshment on waking, better energy levels and more consistent moods. They felt less social anxiety, less anger and improved sex drive. While after consistent use we have recorded reduced body fat storage  and improved muscle tone.

There are plenty of supplements out there to boost your workouts but BULLDOZE tackles the biggest ignored area of proper sleep. Why not maximize growth hormone output in one simple, natural formula, designed at doses for proper, hard training athletes.


  • *Zinc & Magnesium Support
  • *Pure Extracts
  • *Natural Hormone Support
  • *May Boost Alpha Brain Signals
  • *Better Rest & Recovery
  • *Increases Dopamine & Growth Factors
  • *May Support Deeper Sleep Patterns

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