Project AD Grazed Greens


A unique combination of greens superfoods combined with branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), Grazed is the most all-encompassing health formula ever created specifically for hard-training athletes.

30 Servings


Project AD Grazed Greens

Project AD Grazed strengthens the immune system, combats acidosis and fortifies muscular gains while simultaneously enhancing recovery. Just one serving daily safeguards the body and allows you to maintain consistency in your training, while supercharging your recovery.

Grazed is potently dosed with nutrient rich ingredients such as kale, spirulina & kelp powder. These help with controlling pH levels in the body positively influencing health, mental well-being and muscle recovery.

Grazed sets itself apart from other Greens formulas with a powerful blend of BCAA’s in the elusive 8:1:1 ratio. This enhances recovery, restores depleted amino acid levels and supports muscular development.

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