Strom Gaming Clean Kill

From 33.99

Gaming Preworkout

  • Boosts productivity
  • Boosts focus
  • Jitter and tingle free
  • 36 servings


Strom Clean Kill

Strom Gaming presents the expertly crafted gamer fuel CLEAN KILL. A jitter and tingle free formula that will help you get the most of your competitive or recreational gaming experience. It can also be used if you need a boost in productivity or focus for those busy days.

Choline 1000mg
Nac-L-Tyrosine 1000mg
Phosphatidylserine 500mg
Lions Mane 500mg
Rhodiola Rosea 400mg
Caffeine 250mg
Juglans Whole Fruit (Walnut) 200mg
Black Pepper Extract 10mg

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