Beltor Squat Stands – Adjustable (Heavy)

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8-step height adjustment – 85cm to 155cm.

Designed to be used alone or with a bench.


Squat Stands

Squat Stands – equipped with an 8-step height adjustment, which enables a very varied training of many muscle groups. The adjustment is based on a pressure knob and a steel locking pin, which ensures 100% stability of the entire structure.

The design of the racks allows you to adjust their position in eight levels in the range from 85cm to 155cm! This is especially important when pressing in positive slants, as it allows you to conveniently remove and put the bar on the stands.

In addition, the stand also has rubber feet, which prevent scratching the floor.

Designed to be used alone or with a bench. Thanks to their height adjustment, they are a universal tool for general training.

Height: min. 85cm, max. 155cm

Base: 50cm x 50cm

Stand adjustment: 8 levels

Profiles: 50 x 50 x 2 mm

Material: steel

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