Ostrovit Pharma Thyroid Aid


  • Contains active substances essential for the production of thyroid hormones
  • Regulate the synthesis of hormones T3 and T4
  • Supports metabolism, which is indirectly related to thyroid hormones
  • Assist cognitive functions
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Increase energy levels

Contains 90 Caps


Ostrovit Pharma Thyroid Aid

OstroVit Pharma Thyroid Aid is a dietary supplement containing a complex of active substances designed to support the proper functioning of the thyroid gland in convenient HPMC capsules. Thyroid Aid combines iodine and tyrosine, i.e. two substances necessary for the synthesis of thyroid secretion products, as well as selenium and zinc, which are cofactors necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid. OstroVit Pharma is a line that puts the quality of raw materials, pharmaceutical diligence of production and all the components thanks to which the supplement is created in the first place.

  • 9 carefully selected active ingredients
  • A month’s supply
  • The highest quality of raw materials and production technology
  • Easy to swallow capsule
  • A complex of ingredients supporting the work of the thyroid gland

Product Description

L-tyrosine – together with iodine is a T3 and T4 precursor. Too low supply of tyrosine interferes with the production of the shield hormones. Its deficiency may cause its dysfunction e.g. in the form of hypothyroidism, which causes a number of serious complications.

Magnesium – supports organisms in eliminating thyroid deficiency symptoms. Magnesium in combination with other supplements can lower TSH, reduce thyroid damage and even accelerate the healing of thyroid tissue.

Ashwagandha – positively affects hypothyroidism, especially with subclinical hypothyroidism. In addition, it supports the thyroid function and increases thyroxine levels. It can also stimulate the production of T4.

Zinc – participates in the process of thyroid cell proliferation and influences the thyroid hormone metabolism. It is a component of triodothyronine receptor proteins and its deficiency affects the impairment of binding of this hormone, which leads to disturbances of T3 levels.

Selenium – is a component of enzymes involved in the production and distribution of thyroid hormones and “antioxidant” enzymes. A key component of the enzyme that converts T4 into T3 in the body. Without it, it is impossible to produce T3 in sufficient quantities.

Japanese leaf extract – The Japanese leaf extract, otherwise known as Kelp, is known for its high content of natural iodine, which is used by the thyroid to synthesize the two most important hormones T3 and T4. Iodine deficiency can also affect slower metabolism.

Vitamin B6 (pirydoksalo 5’-fosforan P-5-P) – it needs a thyroid to effectively use iodine to produce hormones and increase the assimilability of magnesium.

Vitamin B12(metylocobalamin) – People with thyroid disorders or suffering from autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto are exposed to vitamin B12 deficiencies.

Properties of the ingredients

  • Contain active substances essential for the production of thyroid hormones
  • Regulate the synthesis of hormones T3 and T4
  • Support the work of metabolism, which is indirectly related to thyroid hormones
  • They are responsible for healthy thyroid function
  • Fix cognitive functions
  • They have antioxidant properties
  • Increase energy levels
Laboratory-confirmed quality: For the sake of our customers’ health, the products we manufacture are regularly tested in an independent accredited laboratory to ensure and maintain the highest quality.


L-tyrosine, magnesium (magnesium carbonate), ashwagandha root extract (7.2% withanolides, 1% alkaloids and 0.25% vitaferin A), inulin, capsule shell (bulking agent: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), zinc (zinc picolinate), selenium (L- selenomethionine), japanese leaf extract (1% iodine 150 µg), vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5′-phosphate P-5-P), vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin).

The product may contain milk (including lactose), soy, peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds, oats, eggs, crustaceans, fish.

Nutrition Facts

Active ingredients Per portion % RI*
L-tyrosine 500 mg
Magnesium (magnesium carbonate) 57 mg 15
Ashwagandha root extract 135 mg
Inulin 100 mg
Zinc (zinc picolinate) 15 mg 150
Selenium (L-selenomethionine) 100 µg 181
Japanese leaf extract (1% iodine 150 µg) 15 mg 100
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxalo 5′-phosphate P-5-P) 5 mg 357
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 2.5 µg 100


*RI – Reference intake

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