All Real Protein Bars

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  • All Real Natural Protein Bars
  • Grass Fed Irish Milk Protein
  • All Natural ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in Kerry
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All Real Natural Protein Bars

Originally know as Origin Protein Bars, back in 2017 our vision was to create a better bar than what was on the market. By that I mean a bar that matched the competitors in terms of nutritional profile but used only natural ingredients and with no added sugar. As time went on we realised that we wanted to do more than just have a better bar; we wanted to create a better company that sells a better bar. As a result we have now spread our focus a bit; we now have an emphasis on 3 key things:

    1. Our products.
We will never compromise on taste or nutrition but we will always only use natural ingredients in our products- clear and simple!

    2. Irish.
We make our bars in our facility here in Kerry and we source locally where possible ie Irish Atlantic Sea Salt and milk protein sourced from Co Kerry. We are proud to produce our products in house and we want to minimise food miles.

    3. Sustainability.
This is very important to us and while we realise have a long way to go, our first steps have been:

Our Packaging

Packaging waste makes up just over one million of the approximately 2.7 million tonnes of municipal waste from homes, schools and businesses just in Ireland. (EPA ref data 2018). Our new bar wraps are certified plastic-free and home compostable. All the cardboard that we use is FSC certified meaning that it is made with materials from well-managed forests and/ or recycled sources.

Manufacturing Certification

We take immense pride in being accredited with Bord Bia’s Origin Green certification. The programme is the worlds’ only national food and drink sustainability programme, and enables the industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities more effectively

Our journey towards creating a sustainable brand is just beginning and we have many more plans for the future. We are now connecting with charities in the sustainability space. Ensuring that our investments can provide tangible results that we can share with our customers and sponsors.

Switching from plastic to sustainable packaging has had so many benefits for All Real Nutrition! We’ve reduced our carbon footprint and are no longer contributing to landfills. It’s taken time and significant financial investment to get this far. We love the fact that it’s now super easy for our customers to dispose of All Real packaging in a sustainable way, and it’s great to see that our customers are liking what we’re doing! We receive comments and messages from people on a daily basis about how much they all appreciate our biodegradable packaging.

Stay tuned!

All Real Nutrition

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Almond Vanilla, Cashew Cookie Dough, Choc Sea Salt, Peanut Butter


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