Battle Ropes

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  • Length: 12m or 15m ropes
  • Colour: Black
  • Additionally: Non-slip handle


Battle Ropes

Battle ropes – great addition to any workout. Engaging multiple parts of the body such as arms, core, back, shoulders and even legs.

  • Length: 12m or 15m
  • Colour: Black
  • Additionally: Non-slip handle

The training rope helps strengthen our physical endurance and improve conditioning. It will help us keep fit, making our condition much better. Exercises with the use of a crossfit rope are relatively heavy, but the results achieved are impressive!

Fast results

Training with a crossfit rope provides a very intense physical effort, known as interval training. Exercises with its use involve such muscle groups as, for example, the back, shoulders, shoulders and the chest. The first effects of working with the rope can be seen after about a month.

Comfortable handle

The main point of the exercises is to make as many decisive movements as possible with your hands. The handle with non-slip material makes the product comfortable to use and does not slip out of your hand.

High quality

The product was made of high-quality materials, and therefore will serve its users for many years. A strong weave means that no fibers come out of it and even bumping the rope on the ground does not affect its rapid wear.

Suitable for beginners and advanced

The rope will be suitable for people starting their adventure with crossfit. More advanced people will also be pleased to adapt the product to their more demanding exercises.

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12m, 15m


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