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7ft Olympic Bar (2.2m long and 20kg)

300Kg max load

Does not include clips or collars



Olympic Bar – 7ft Olympic Barbell

Olympic Bar – Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or weightlifter or you do workouts at home, in every type of power sport a weight bar is an indispensable piece of training equipment. In the Infinity Fit collection you’ll find this 220 cm long Olympic Weight Bar weighing 20kg.

The intensity with which you train obviously depends on the weight of the bar and the weight plates, but also on the length of the bar. In general, the longer the bar, the higher the intensity for your muscles.

Material: Chrome plated steel
Sleeve Inlay: Copper Bushing
Bar length: 2.2m
Bar weight:  20kg
Bar thickness: 28cm
Grip length: 141cm
Sleeve length: 34.5cm
Sleeve type: Olympic
Max. load capacity: 300kg

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