Olympic Barbell Bumper Plate Set

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  • 1 X 220cm, 50mm, 20Kg Olympic barbell (300Kg capacity)
  • 2 X spring collars.
  • Olympic bumper plates

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Olympic Barbell Bumper Plate Set

Olympic Barbell Bumper Plate Set includes:

  • 1 X 220cm, 50mm, 20Kg Olympic barbell – 300kg load capacity
  • 2 X spring collars.
  • Olympic Bumper Plates
  • Additional plates can be bought when needed.

Olympic Bar 7ft (220cm)

Brand new 300kg capacity bars.
Olympic Grade Lifting Bars

  • Top quality – made from high carbon steel
  • Light commercial bearing up to 300kg
  • Harden Chrome
  • Suitable for Olympic Plates centre 50mm only
  • Collars included


  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Bearing: 300kg
  • Weight: 20kg

Perfect for

  • Bench presses, squats and shrugs. If you are doing a lot of olympic lifts and the barbell is being dropped a lot, we would advise going for a more premium barbell.

Olympic Bumper Plates

Olympic Bumper Plates – made from high density rubber around an inner weight and collar. Also the density of this material absorbs the impact of a drop and keeps the bar from bouncing dangerously back up.


  • Thick rubber coating for bounce on impact to protect both the floor and the weight.
  • Uniform sizing to distribute the force across a larger surface area and help prevent damage once the weights are dropped.
  • The preferred choice of crossfitters, competitive lifters and heavy training.

Materials: rubber; steel

Diameter: 40cm

Internal hole diameter: 51.5mm


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