OstroVit Dextrose


  •      Supplies the body with energy very quickly,
  •      Helps to rebuild muscle after training,
  •      Increases body endurance,
  •      Improves creatine absorption.

1.5Kg Tub


OstroVit Dextrose

Dextrose is a simple sugar (an isomer, D-glucose), which makes it possible to supply the body with the energy necessary at a given moment in a very short time.

  •      Supplies the body with energy very quickly,
  •      It helps to rebuild muscle and liver glycogen levels immediately after training,
  •      Increases body endurance and prolongs exercise time with endurance sports,
  •      Also affects the secretion of insulin, which improves the absorption of creatine.
Dextrose is a sugar (monosaccharide) from the group of aldohexoses. Mostly known as glucose because it is its isomer in the “D” configuration in the Fischer projection. A crystalline solid with a sweet taste, characterized by a very rapid absorption into the bloodstream. The adopted portion of dextrose raises the blood sugar level and stimulates our pancreas to secrete insulin. Its task is to lower blood sugar levels by “catching” glucose molecules from it and “embedding” them into muscles or liver, where they store energy in the form of glycogen – energy reserve material in animal organisms. Glycogen is consumed during physical delivery, which is why it is important to refill.
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