Trained By JP Osteo Pro


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Osteo Pro is a complete approach to bone and joint health as well as

  • reducing connective tissue pain
  • combatting inflammation
  • optimizing absorption levels

Keep sore joints at bay and allowing you to truly maximize recovery and performance.

Contains 30 Servings

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Trained By JP Osteo Pro

Our goal with Trained By JP Osteo Pro, is to bring a complete approach to bone and joint health.

There is a large amount of clinical evidence to support UC2 being one of the most effective, all-around supplements for aiding the reduction of connective tissue pain and this product contain 40mg of Patented UC2 per serving.

We have also used Apres Flex, the Patented version of Boswellia. This further helps to reduce inflammation via the 5-Lox pathway.

Sufficient calcium intake should be a huge priority for any athlete, so we have added Traacs Patented calcium to ensure optimum levels of absorption. This hugely supports muscular contractions as well as bone health.

Finally, the inclusion of organic boron at the dose used, again promotes overall joint health and recovery.

OsteoPro can be combined with our existing products, Join-In and Cure-Coming for the ultimate joint health stack!

No one understands hard training like we do! So, we have designed this product to keep sore joints at bay, allowing you to truly maximise recovery and performance.

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