Tuff Wraps Gripp Bands



  • Warm up your hip abductors.
  • Keep your knees in the correct position when squatting/sumo deadlifting.
  • Increase strength and/or stability in your lower body.


Tuff Wraps Gripp Bands

Looking to improve the strength in your glutes and hips? TUFF WRAPS GRIPP Bands are a versatile training tool used to help you increase strength and/or stability in your lower body.  Gray strips in addition to red strips of rubber are used on the inside to help prevent the band from sliding around when training. These are a great addition to your gym bag!


  • Medium (13 inch) – Below 130 lbs
  • Large (15 inch) – 130 – 240 lbs
  • X-Large (16.5 inch) – Above 240 lbs

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Light, Stiff


Medium, Large, X Large


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