Strom CarbMax


High molecular weight carbohydrate formula with Cyclic Dextrin and Palatinose.

With added electrolytes, glycerol and citrulline.

1.5Kg Tub – 50 Servings


Strom CarbMax

Strom CarbMax Intra workout – a high molecular weight carbohydrate formula!

With a 6 ingredient panel and 50 serving tub this will keep you energised during those intense sessions!

Per serving (33g)
Palatinose – 12.5g
Cyclic Dextrin – 12.5g
D-Ribose – 2.5g
Coconut water extract – 2g
Citrulline Malate – 2g
Glycerol – 1g

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Cotton Candy, Lime, Mango, Unflavoured