Tuff Wraps Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt


  • 4.5 Inches in height
  • 13mm thickness
  • Dual locking ring mechanism to prevent popping off
  • 3 layers of durable, lightweight Nylon material
  • No middle seams
  • High-quality Velcro & Industrial Strength Stitching
  • No buckle/lever to get in the way when lifting
  • 4″ overlap for waist adjustability
  • Subtle and classic Grey over Black styling


Tuff Wraps Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt

Tuff Wraps Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt –

designed to give you the undeniable support and comfort you need while deadlifting.  Deadlifting in a standard 4” 10mm or 13mm leather belt can be very uncomfortable at times especially with a lever buckle.

Look no further as our TUFF Triple-Ply Deadlifting Belt is the answer to your concerns.  The durable, lightweight material eliminates the possibility of the belt digging in or pinching in the hip area at the start of a deadlifting or bottom of a squat.  The main reason being the very flat closing mechanism of the dual lock rings.  There is an added benefit here for some if they struggle with a log press and find the belt bites their stomach.

An added dual locking ring mechanism and extra strength Velcro ensure the support you need when hitting those lifts. One added benefit is that you can wear this belt with or without the locking ring mechanism, but we do advise you to use the dual rings at most times when lifting heavy.  Our belt was designed to NOT POP OFF unlike some belts of this design do when training.  This popping off can cause serious harm to an athlete.  The TUFF Triple-Ply Belt will NOT POP OFF so you can lift with the piece of mind knowing that TUFF has your back! The TUFF

These belts are perfect for strongman training and deadlifting.


Measuring Up For Your New Belt

Use a soft measuring tape, measure around your waist approximately 4 inches above where your pant would sit. Please do not suck your stomach in and keep everything relaxed when measuring.

X-Small 28 – 32 inches

Small 32 – 36 inches

Medium 36 – 40 inches

Large 40 – 44 inches

XL 43 – 47 inches

2XL 46 – 50 inches

3XL 49 – 52 inches


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