OstroVit Men’s Weightlifting Gloves (Stiff)



  • assured safe and stable grip
  • limit barbell or dumbbells slipping risk
  • eliminate callus or chafe risk
  • take care of wrists stability
  • protect palms against allergy, limiting direct contact with metal
  • improve workout comfort
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OstroVit Men’s Weightlifting Gloves

OstroVit Men’s Weightlifting Gloves – With regard to some workouts, particularly the ones which involve considerable loads, you need to take care of security and comfort of your exercises. Handling weights, dumb-bells and barbell raises chafe, callus and wrist injury risk.

The materials used for production have been properly selected both in terms of quality and usability. Resistant material and flexible fabric between fingers and on the back of the gloves support airing and do not cause palms to sweat extensively. A soft lining inside deadens vibrations, has anti-skidding properties and fosters a grip. A broad strap with Velcro wrapped around the wrist allows precise adjustment of gloves and stabilization of the palm during workout. Also, the gloves have a special stitching on the outer part, thanks to which you can easily take them off after workout.


The gloves are available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL

Size M – Length: 18 cm – Width: 10 cm

Size L – Length: 18.5 cm – Width: 10.5 cm

Size XL – Length: 19 cm – Width: 11 cm

Size XXL – Length: 19.5 cm – Width: 11.5 cm


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